Sell My House Fast


After my divorce I was at a loose end. I had never sold a property before, but afer speaking to David he reassured me everything would be smooth - which it was.

Sally Meadows (M4)

Out of the 3 companies I contacted you gave me the highest offer and completed on the property very quickly. Thanks for your help

- Mary Adams (TN13)

Thank you for your help

- Danny Colverson (N4)

I needed to Sell House Quickly and this is what happened with Sell House Fast. The Head office were helpful and they conducted the sale within the time frame given.

- James Cook (B12 9)

I was on the verge of repossesion when I contacted your company. You stopped the baliffs from taking me out and I am so thankful for you guys for buying it off me.

- Susan Thomas (SW2 )

The sale of my house had fallen through for the 2nd time and my wife was distraught that we might lose the property we were buying. As we were dependent on selling our current property, thankfully Sell House Fast stepped in and purchased our property with none of the heartache we had previously experienced.

- Mr & Mrs Lamb

Thank you Sell house Fast for a very quick property sale

- Mr Micheals

I didn�t think repossessions could be stopped at such a late stage. Thanks for all your help and support during a very stressful time

- Ms Iqbal

My Property had been on the market with an Estate Agent for months. We were getting sick and tired with the endless viewings. Thanks for such a stress free sale

- Mr & Mrs Browning

Why to Sell to Sell House Fast™

Benefits of fast house sale

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Traditional House Sale Sell House Fast™
Speed of Sale The latest figures suggest that the average time it takes to complete a sale is seven months Literally a few days!
Purchaser Chain Often the chain is long and complex – if broken, your sale could fall through completely There’s no chain as there are only two parties involved – you and Sell House Fast™
Help if Repossession is Looming You won’t be able to sell through the normal channels – your lender will instruct solicitors and the matter will be out of your hands Sell House Fast™ can stop repossession in its tracks and give you back options – you don’t need to be at the mercy of your lender
Equity Release Some lenders will allow you to re-mortgage to release equity, but few will allow you to release all the equity in your home You can release the entire equity (i.e. value) of your home, pay off any outstanding mortgage, remain in your home as a tenant and enjoy the proceeds of your sale
Sell and Rent Back Not offered when selling your home in the traditional way Sell your home, stay in it as a tenant and enjoy all the legal rights of any tenant.
Sell and Rent Back Not offered when selling your home in the traditional way You can choose to have the option to buy back your home at a set price – this is arranged at the time of sale. If you choose not to take up that option when the time comes there are no penalties
Fees Estate agents will charge a percentage of the sale price of your home. In today’s market that could be a lot of money The price Sell House Fast™ offers you is the price you will get. There are no additional or hidden fees to pay
Price You may not get the price you originally thought. The state of the housing market and the condition of your property may mean you need to renegotiate with your buyer, even after the initial offer has been accepted Sell House Fast™ will offer you less than the market value, but you will save thousands in fees and the benefits of selling your home fast are obvious. You will also be a cash buyer when you move on to your next home – a real advantage in today’s market
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